Asset Management Solution

Recording and tracking Assets can be a huge challenge for organizations with Assets running into hundreds and spread across several locations within the premises of the organization. With the advancement in technology, Organizations, now more than ever before, are starting to adopt the use of an Asset solution to capture and track all assets associated or linked to the organization.

Keeping an accurate and up-to-date list of assets helps organizations to easily know what they have, quickly identify when they are missing, outdated, not in use, and or require replacement.

At Primly Premium Solutions, we have developed an effective Asset Management Solution to improve Business Record Keeping and mitigate against Asset underutilization, theft, and diversion.

Item Registry Asset Management Solution

Benefits To Organizations

1) DATABASE: Item Registry provides an electronic Asset Register for organizations. It helps to maximize and track the usability of an organization’s equipment and to manage the entire inventory cost-effectively.

2) Real-Time Information: The platform provides organizations with point-in-time information on all Assets purchased, date of purchase, Asset Location, Asset value, and ownership transfer records.

3) Item Ownership: This platform, allows Organizations to generate a Proof of Ownership Certificate for all registered items. In the event of theft, owners can alert the public by changing the item Status on the site to Stolen making it difficult for the culprit to sell to someone else and facilitating their recovery by the Nigeria Police Force.

4) Preventive Maintenance: With Item Registry's Asset Management Solution, Organizations can create a Preventive Maintenance Schedule for all Company Equipment: Air Conditioners, Vehicles, etc. Know when servicing is due, track repair & maintenance cost and overall profitability of the Asset.

5) Asset Assignment: This platform allows you to assign Assets to Employees and track the current Custodian of each Asset at any point in time. Users can generate Assignment history Reports showing Assignment Date, Current Location, Item Display Name, New Location, New Office, New Holder, Reason, Details, Assignment Initiated By etc.

6) So much more...