The Problem

One of the major challenges in any society is Theft and Nigeria is no exception.

Over the years the issue of Item theft has become so alarming in Nigeria; Individuals and Organizations are not spared of these vices. The COVID 19 economic realities have also led to a surge in incidents of item robbery in Nigeria and the issue of burglary and Car theft has become a major concern.

According to, Nigeria's burglary rate was at a level of 1.5 cases per 100,000 population in 2013, up from 1.2 cases per 100,000 population the previous year, this is a change of 24.92%. Burglary in this sense indicates theft from a house; apartment or other dwellings.

While theft of valuable items continues to rise, the probability of recovery remains very low. In Nigeria, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) 2015 report reveals that from 2013-2015 only 54 percent of officially reported stolen cars were recovered. Recovery of stolen items has been greatly hampered due to inadequate data on stolen/missing items and a lack of a centralized database for reporting

What is Item Registry?

To solve this, Primly Premium Solutions Ltd has deployed an innovative UK Developed Web-Based Application setup to reduce item theft and combat the sale of stolen items.

iTEM Registry is a UK developed technological Solution setup to reduce item theft by combating the sale of stolen items.

It is a web-based platform that allows Individuals and Organizations to register their valuable items using the unique identification number:

* Phone: IMEI Number

* Vehicles: Chassis Number

* Laptops:: Serial Number

* Documents: Document Number

Item Registration

By registering your valuable items on Item Registry, your Identity is linked with the registered item’s Unique Identification Number.

In the event of theft, you can change the item’s status to stolen/missing discouraging Secondhand buyers. Anyone wishing to purchase these products as used products will be able to check on iTEM registry to see if the product has been declared missing or stolen.

Syndicates that transport stolen phones, laptops, cars etc. from one country to another would struggle as the system is a global system. A phone stolen in china and taken to Algeria to be sold will encounter problems if the previous owner in China registered the phone and declared it missing on Item Registry.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to register all products with unique identifier numbers on iTEM registry.

Visit to register your valuable items and learn more.