Drug Side Effect Monitor

Patients are regularly placed on medications that have side effects which can cause secondary physical health problems. With this, they are required to undergo certain routine Health Checks. Unfortunately, most don’t as they are unaware of these required health checks. Poor Health checks monitoring is becoming a major concern, particularly for patients on Mental Health Medication.

If you fall in this group, Primly Premium Solutions Ltd is currently developing an Application to remind and educate you on health check monitoring. The Drug Side Effect Monitor App provides you with a checklist of required routine health checks based on the Medication you are taking.
Is your medication causing weight gain? The App enables you to track and monitor parameters like your weight.


1) Medication Refill: Track your Medication Quantities and know when you are running out of tablets.

2) Medication Usage: Never forget to take a Medication, get reminders on your phone.

3) Health Check Reminders: Get reminders for routine Health Checks: Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, etc.

3) Connect Family / Friends / Guardians to your App.

4) Connect Clinicians & get them involved in your health check monitoring.

5) So much more...